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The fastest existing daily activity recording system.

All it takes is a couple of clicks by the resources involved in your contracts to create a database essential for management control. Defining budgets and timescales for project delivery is not always easy: with Everyday you can monitor how many resources are involved and how long is spent each day on each activity. As the data builds up over time you can define budgets better and optimise job profitability.

Measure the real profitability of your company.

Each resource enters the daily time spent on each project activity. This way you can monitor exactly how many resources are involved in delivering your jobs. Compare the results of your contracts and improve company profitability. With Everyday the process is simple, just a couple of clicks, from wherever and whenever you want.

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Hidden costs: the missing link.

Everyday lets you measure all of your hidden business costs, such as e-mail management or travelling time. Discover how minor investments or simple rules can reduce those internal operating costs that are frequently neglected. Everyday shows you where to intervene and helps to manage your customers' budgets.

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Smart Working: you can with Everyday.

Everyday helps businesses embrace Smart Working, maintaining control of activities and results in a dynamic, non-intrusive manner. It doesn’t matter where your resources are working, with Everyday you’ll always know what they’re doing, without compromising control over project activities and schedules.

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