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Manage leave and holidays simply and easily, with the help of everyone.

Smart Working is a growing reality in many companies. Whether within the walls of your company or anywhere else in the world, Everyday helps your business adopt Smart Working in an intelligent, dynamic manner, maintaining the proper level of control of your resources and their activities. .

Attendance, activity monitoring, authorisations for leave or travel, project costs and job profitability are easily monitored and managed with Everyday, even with the most permissive applications of Smart Working.

Share your working “presence”.

Thanks to a special feature, each resource can indicate their work presence even if not physically in the office. This makes it possible for people working in the company to know which colleagues are available for daily tasks, even if not physically present. This also simplifies the work of the switchboard operator, who can respond more efficiently to customer calls without keeping them needlessly on hold. Physical absence does not mean absence from work; Everyday provides the tools for managing this new aspect of Smart Working.

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Staff coverage always under control.

Regardless of where they are, each resource can request holidays, leave or travel authorisations. Everyday allows the people responsible for authorisations to assess the requests, maintaining staff coverage and avoiding awkward situations. All this can be managed from any terminal connected to the Web, giving resources maximum mobility without compromising working efficiency.

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Smart Working: you can with Everyday.

Everyday helps businesses embrace Smart Working, maintaining control of activities and results in a dynamic, non-intrusive manner. It doesn’t matter where your resources are working, with Everyday you’ll always know what they’re doing, without compromising control over project activities and schedules.

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