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Requests and authorisations for your company travel, in the time it takes for a coffee

Everyday offers you standardised, hierarchical management of travel and expense reimbursement authorisations.

Requests for travel approval can be sent directly to a superior by filling in a form online.
On completion of the authorised travel, you can attach your receipts and enter all expenses.
All approved data is automatically sent to administration thanks to integration with your ERP system.

Request and make approvals from any device.

Everyday lets you manage the authorisation flow wherever you are. You can give your consent to requests for travel or expense reimbursements with any network-connected device. All requests and authorisations are saved in Everyday and available for any type of control.

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Simple forms integrated with your systems.

Everyday can manage your forms for collecting information on expenses reimbursement or project activity costs. The forms can be split according to country in order to comply with the respective accounting standards. All information can be easily called up on Everyday in convenient reports, or can be sent to your administration management systems for automated reporting. Everyday can apportion costs on the basis of individual resources or jobs without the need for operator intervention.

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Contract cost management.

All records of expenses and interventions are linked with a project: thanks to this configuration Everyday provides the right information for precise cost monitoring. This means always having costs under control and significant improvements to budget management.

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