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Technology should be available to all, to speed up processes, reduce costs and build awareness. In this way, companies can aim for more challenging objectives, in a measurable way, with certainty about timescales and at the right price. Useful technology is that which creates opportunities for repeat business; without this, everything else is of little consequence.

Founded in 2009, Techorizon is based on this conviction. Techorizon is an Italian company that has been repeatedly ahead of its time, initially within Healthcare environment and thereafter in general Industry and Banking too.

Building on major technological expertise, Techorizon itself has created all of the solutions proposed and has turned many of its customers' own ideas into reality.

Major technology companies, such as Microsoft, VMware and Dell, have recognized Techorizon as an essential partner in addressing the technological challenges that our customers face. Our solutions, frequently described as innovative, are the result of a dialog with our customers who often have the innovative insights and ideas but cannot always realize them technologically.

Techorizon is now taking on a new challenge: Technology sold in collaboration with its customers in a
win–win commercial approach, already mature in the US market, but less familiar in the European market. Some of our solutions are already accessible at a very low start-up cost, or even none, and the return on sales is then shared with our customer/partner.

Even in this respect, Techorizon wants to bring an innovative approach to the market of solutions and technology services so that all may enjoy "useful technology".

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