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Everything under control,
for your Company and your Customers.

Your collaborators' computers, printers, phones, servers and every single company hardware: REA lets you check their usage status, assignment, software, support contracts and much more.

Likewise, you can provide better service on products sold to your customers, monitoring their status, warranties and maintenance.

All information in a form.

What is your corporate assets status? Through a single application, you can know the maintenance status, any current and previous problems, all the installed applications, and any other useful information to control and manage your technological assets.

Man checks the statistical graphs at the computer

Remote support for all your technological assets.

REA lets you make real-time diagnoses on most devices on the market, such as computers, tablets or smartphones, and lets you collect data from any network-connected devices.

Operators will be able to provide assistance with the technical information automatically collected, improving the experience of the support provided.

Guy works on computer

Manage your virtual warehouses with REA.

Using REA, it will be easier to manage your assets and products even if they are located in different locations; you can record the dates of the maintenance performed and the oncoming deadlines, the helpdesk calls linked and much more.

Computer on a table in a warehouse room

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