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Now you can know everything about your helpdesk.

The helpdesk manages the after-sales customer, and its effectiveness and efficiency are the key factor that makes the difference between a customer returning to purchase in your company from a changing supplier.

Ensure a positive support experience must be a priority for customer care.

Manage your Customer.

Using REA your customer can request support with one click from any device, anywhere, and receiving a real-time response. Thanks to REA, your customer will be able to contact you, give you feedback, and know the status of their tickets. Provide a service beyond customer’s expectations.

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Monitor the quality of your helpdesk operators.

With Rea you can measure, the number of tickets managed by each operator and their resolution time. With this information, you can reward your best collaborators and keep your team in line with the service you want to offer.

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Effective and Efficient remote assistance

REA allows you to make real-time diagnoses on most devices on the market, such as computers, tablets or smartphones; you can collect data from any network-connected device. In this way, your products will also be able to "talk" and request support without the presence of an operator.

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