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All of your employees needs combined
in a simple application.

E-mails, calls or post-it are no longer required to handle business support requests: everything is organized and monitored in REA.

A unique system in which all resources will be able to insert their requests via web, keeping a record of operators and tickets.

From whom do you get more requests?

Does a company department ask for support more than another one? Is there a specific area in the company with problems connecting to Wi-Fi network or has an office demands higher than average?
With REA, it will no longer be a feeling of helpdesk operators but a measurable data, on which to act promptly.

Man checks the statistical graphs at the computer

Use the remote control associated with a support request.

REA lets you make real-time diagnoses on most devices on the market, such as computers, tablets or smartphones, and lets you collect data from any network-connected devices.
Operators will be able to provide assistance with the technical information automatically collected, improving the experience of the support provided.

Finger of a man pressing the support key on a keyboard

Manage your Ticket as a Project.

REA REA lets you structure a hierarchy of tickets like father-child relationship. This lets each operator be able to involve, through "child-ticket", all the required parties to solve the problem, monitoring progress as a real project. A single ticket code that collects all the actions carried out to assist your Customer.

representative infographic of the integration between several helpdesks

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