TheLearning Techorizon


TheLearning Techorizon

The communication platform for training and sharing material.

A unique tool for managing e-learning courses and certification, and sending material to associates and branches, integrated with specific KPIs for monitoring the effectiveness of the courses for each individual user.

A powerful IT system for enhancing human resources and optimising training and marketing processes.

An ingenious tool.
All in one, for everyone.

Certainty that courses are completed.

TheLearning verifies the duration of course viewing by users and their interaction with it, letting you certify all the training carried out on the platform. This not only lets you validate mandatory training but gives the certainty that all the know-how made available has been absorbed by the individual participants.

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Personalised training courses.

Each individual user can access the courses or materials you decide to make available: you can organise incremental training courses, loading the material you want, enabling or disabling parts of the library for one or more associates.
A flexible, fully customisable tool.

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KPIs for measuring communications.

TheLearning lets you monitor the use of all the material loaded on the platform, at both global and individual user level, to verify the effectiveness of communications, whether for a course or for advertising material sent to your branches.

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