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Share good practices and materials
in a controlled, personalised way.

Why use mail when you can have a library for every kind of document, video, brochure, course or manual, with personalised sharing and monitored access?

TheLearning can become your company study guide, for sharing and updating marketing strategies for sales agents, explaining new processes, and encapsulating all the good practice integrated into your processes in a single, simple tool.

Monitor the use of company material through dedicated, easily measurable KPIs.

Monitor access to your materials.

Who, among the enabled users, took part in the new course? Which customers have viewed the new product manual?

With TheLearning you can monitor all access: this lets you know who is using your content and which users followed a course, and cross-reference this data with your company KPIs.

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Reminders for new material and courses about to expire.

TheLearning is much more than a storage cloud: through our platform you can send reminders to all registered users or just a single group, and notify them about any new online courses or material.

Moreover, the users themselves can personalise their “favourite” areas to simplify management of the material they need most often.

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Access to the material
from any device.

Access from any device means being able to present customers with the latest brochures directly via TheLearning on a tablet; when away, users can use their smartphones to view new product presentations, or view refresher courses.

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