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Mandatory training:
Training is served!

The mandatory training that must be provided under workplace health and safety legislation is as important as it is difficult to manage through conventional courses, in terms of organising the availability of participants, let alone the associated costs. With TheLearning you can overcome distance and provide all employees with both general and specialist certification without them having to attend classroom courses.

Monitor the training of your users.

At any time, you can monitor which users have already completed mandatory training, and which users have started but not yet finished and how far they have progressed.

You can send automatic reminders for courses and notify users of any new content.

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Sure and certain certification of attendance.

Thanks to TheLearning’s control system, you can certify completion of a course by users, making attendance of your online course as secure as a classroom one.

TheLearning certifies the knowledge acquired, with the convenience and savings of an online course!

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Interrupt and resume courses whenever you want.

Want to start a course while you’re waiting for the participants of a meeting, carry on with it while travelling on a train, or finish it in the evening with a nice cup of tea in the comfort of your own armchair?

With TheLearning you can, on PC, tablet or smartphone!

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